Saturday, July 28, 2007

my Friendster profile

i made an announcement.
i am deleting my Friendster account.

below is a copy of my profile:

i was reluctant to join Friendster for fear that i'm too much of an introvert.

most of my friends are here though which is incentive enough to give it a try.

i exude an air of extreme arrogance, yet in reality modest in most aspects. with a seeming air of aloofness, though sociable and charismatic when the trust is established. extremely serious but crazy enough to be called the life of the party. known to ponder on life's meaning too intensely but really grounded enough to enjoy a brainless TV show.

being authentic is extremely important to me. more than being liked by people. but, i believe authenticity must be balanced with kindness.

to sum it up, i am true to myself and try to be kind to other people. the other details will have to be supplied by what others will write about me :)

as a shortcut, you can watch the film, Garden State, and think of the lead guy as an extremely accurate portrayal of my character tone.

Who I Want to Meet:

i'd love to meet entrepreneurs and creative visionaries here. i have great admiration for people who want to start their own business or those with enough vision to change the world for the better.

and... the Dalai Lama. wisdom will always be the new black.

with the recent addition of: Oliver Heath (creative genius !!!)

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