Monday, February 12, 2007

patience takes patience

a friend of mine has a big job exam coming up.
and he needed help with math.

so we stayed 4 hours at a cafe with free wireless internet.

i am proud that my patience has gotten better.
i teach math really well.
but he was still slow in getting it.

there were times when my frustration and temper were showing.
thankfully, i am getting better showing it.
now releasing it without shouting.
just a dose of small sarcasm mixed with humor.

i sort of promised myself that i will not shout at people anymore.
since it angers me if someone shouts at me too.

he got it after four hours.
and this was just one chapter of the math book.

at some point, when i was getting frustrated,
he said to please be patient with him, because math wasn't his strong point.
and to please be patient with him.

what hit me was when he used the word, Please.
a sincere plea from a friend has a way of disarming anger.

it reminded me that i was dealing with a friend.
a very good friend.
may i remember this more often.

besides, he was patient with my weaknesses as well.

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