Monday, February 26, 2007

stop humbling me

the Universe can do it for you.
though i am not sure it wants to.

i have a friend who constantly finds every opportunity to humble me.
if she starts sensing that i am confident with my skills, ambitious, excited about a grand vision for my life or goal-driven ... she immediately shoots it down with a brief lecture on God, that we need his help and that we are dependent on him and that we should not be too arrogant as to think we are independent.

bullshit !!!

i hate it when people, because of their insecurity about my ambition and clarity of ambition and willpower to do my ambition, project their fears unto me in an effort to keep me as low as them.

misery loves company, as the saying goes.

so, for everyone who wants to be a friend of mine,
either you are a positive influence on my life or get the hell out.
and deal with your own emotional baggage first.

harsh, i know.
but i am doing you a favor by making you aware.

wake up.
your unconscious bad habit is dangerous to a world that needs more Dreamers and Changers.

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