Friday, April 6, 2007

dreamers who only dream

i am severely disappointed that a friend of mine simply continues to dream but not do anything to achieve it.

this person complains that his day job is no longer fulfilling.

but when given a chance to do something he is passionate about,
i was shocked to know that several weeks had passed and not even the first step was accomplished.

so if this persons complains to me again the he is no longer happy with his job...
i will tell him he deserves his suffering.
and to refrain from whining to me from now on.

people dream all the time.
but unless you carry that dream into the Waking World, that dream remains simply a dream.

i seriously cannot believe it.
i even did the dirty work to help this person start.
and he still was lazy enough to simply build upon what was already started for him.

he does not deserve his dream.
his Dream should abandon him.
and go towards the more proactive and ambitious ones.

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