Sunday, April 15, 2007

finding love

i am not here to tell you how to find it.
but if you are searching for it or wish to understand what healthy love is all about...
read The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra.
he definitely can explain it better than me.

after watching so much television on this storm-ridden Sunday,
i realized that perhaps the reason people go after the most handsome or beautiful individuals in their search for love was because they make good trophies or arm candy.

there is nothing better for your ego than introducing a hot guy or girl to your friends as your current flame.

because by doing so, it elevates your worth.

i am an idealist.
i definitely want the best for myself.
best job.
best business.
best significant other.

i do not like selling myself short.

but then i think about a significant other i currently have in my life who goes against the grain of who i am usually attracted to.

this person has a good heart with values that jive with mine.

let me tell you, finding that chemistry is better than any trophy.

and besides, human beings are not trophies.
they have feelings too.
so it is highly unfair to date someone because he or she looks good on you.
that person equally deserves someone who likes him for the real and right reasons.

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