Monday, April 16, 2007

omen: Day After Tomorrow

i know i've been writing more personal insights about life and less on the omens that i encounter.

but, this time.
i have an Omen encounter.

New York was deluged by rain for 30 hours straight.
gusty winds, flooding and complete darkness.
quite scary.

made even scarier with the film i was watching.
that climate apocalyptic film called Day After Tomorrow.
which i found surprisingly entertaining.

i don't know why.
but i have a thing for films of an epic and global scale...
which most of the time had an apocalyptic flavor.

there was one scene showing the leading lady risking her life to rescue a mother and daughter pair (complete strangers to her) from being flooded in a door-locked cab.

this was the omen part to me.
i think the world will be better if people performed more acts of kindness.
even just small ones.

then i started pondering on it deeper.
maybe the world is populated by small acts of kindness.
we just do not know about it.
since the news media is convinced that negative topics do better in the ratings.

i've helped my share of strangers here in NY.
and i have, in turn, helped by them.

so if someone tells you of a dream of his,
hope you have some time to spare to check if you can assist him fulfill it.
because there is no greater trophy than a person who achieved his True Dream, partly because of you... adding one more positive person on this planet.

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