Sunday, March 23, 2008


The artist must conceive with warmth
yet execute with coolness.

- Robert Townsend

Thursday, March 6, 2008

paradise is in the sages

my friend, Mhir, shared this great story with me.
i am not sure where it originally came from.
hence, i apologize that i cannot credit its source respectfully as of now.

below is the story:

...A rabbinic story underlines a similar point:

In a dream, a devout disciple of the master was
permitted to approach the Temple in Paradise where all
the great old sages who had studied the Talmud all
their lives were now spending eternity. He gazed in
at them, and to his amazement, they were all sitting
around tables, just as they had done on earth,
studying the Talmud still! The disciple watched them
passionately exclaiming and arguing and reverently
fingering the text. He wondered, "Is this really
Paradise? It seems like the earth." But then his
thoughts were interrupted by warm laughter. "You are
mistaken. This is not Paradise. The sages are not in
Paradise. Paradise is in the sages."