Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the absence of small talk

i have a problem:
i seem to have lost my capacity for small talk

don't get me wrong, i can do it
but i no longer have the desire to do so
nor even try

when i meet someone for the first time
i am impatient and wish to discover the main essence of a person immediately
i surprise a lot of people with questions such as:
are you happy with your life?
what are you up to?
what are your goals?

i guess we are in a society that brainwashed us to focus on financial survival
instead of a meaningful life
by the way, who said a meaningful life inevitably meant poverty
it's been surveyed that most millionaires happened to be in professions/careers that they genuinely loved
they did not get into their endeavors with money as the main driving point

the best book i've read was a book whose title i only read:
Do What You Love and Money will Follow
no need to open the book and read it
the title was enough for me

so, why do i need to chat with you about the weather
and gossip about our peers who get themselves into dysfunctional romantic relationships
they are a complete waste of time

someone told me that small talk is a social lubricant
to keep human interaction and the process of meeting new acquaintances less shocking

this is just me.
call me socially-awkward.
but it is more important for me, during our brief time to meet, to make sure your essence is on the table.
that Who You Really Are is engaged, because i am sure it is not normally engaged by your daily life and your daily circle of peers.

life is short.
let's cut to the chase and make sure you are on the right path.
while it is not my place to find it for you.
you can begin the search by waking up to the fact that you do have a higher journey and a Bigger Picture.

tell me your dreams briefly.
then let's see if i can help you or know someone who can help you or at least point you to a reasonable next step to further your cause.

such a deep conversation takes 15 minutes.
small talk averages between 30-45 minutes.
who would have thought?

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