Tuesday, March 20, 2007

wisdom from the weird

so i went to a bookstore to unwind.

a bookstore, like creativity, must be explored with an open mind.
as much as i am used to the aisles holding design-related materials,
i sometimes force myself to wander to other shelves that i normally would not due to lack of interest.

2 days ago, i went to International Travel and read about Dubai.
yesterday, i went to the New Age magazine section and chanced upon a Sedona magazine (March 2007 issue i think) with a cheesy tabloid-ish cover.

you know, those tabloid covers that say Predictions, Crop Circles and Spirit Guides.

my body reacted tensely.
knowing that this will be such a waste of time.

but, i held true to my New Year's resolution and reminded myself that a bookstore, like creativity, must be explored with an open mind.

so i opened the book.

there was an article written by a Spirit Guide through the channeling of a female medium... stuff about the magnetic poles, magnetic DNA, etc.

ok, nothing shocking.

i must admit, i have an affinity with metaphysical and supernatural ideas because of the intense imagination it offers... appetizer for a creative thinker.

i browsed through several articles, judging their worth on the merits of their titles.

one made me stop:
it was a question asked by a writer to a Spirit.

the writer asked,
How do I get more financial abundance in my life?
I always seem to have little money left after bills.

the Spirit said (to paraphrase),
You begin by revising the question.
And changing the word, Financial, into Joy.
so, the Question should be: How does one get more Joy in one's life.

according to the spirit,
Joy equates to the energy of money.
one must find that activity in life that he/she finds joy in.
something she truly and authentically enjoys doing.
once this activity is found, the activity can be used in service for others.
and once other beings partake of the service you offer, they will notice the joy and happiness that you put into your service.
not only will they notice your enthusiasm for it, they too will notice how good your service is.
for an activity done with joy increases the quality of the act.
and because you are doing such a good job with the activity/service you are performing, people are willing to both come back to you again and even pay you more.

whoever this Spirit is,
i completely agree.

in summary, just like the title of one book:
Do What You Love and the Money will Follow.

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