Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vanilla Sky

films are big omens to me.

read the first blog entry i posted (re: Concept of Omens) for an explanation of what omens are.

i am in the midst of refining the concept for a new business venture.
but got stuck with the theme.
when i am stuck, it is usually based on a fear that the venture itself won't work.
when the logical/rational Mind starts feeding me with fears.

so, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, i was channel surfing and happened on the film, Vanilla Sky.
i am perhaps one of the few who liked the film,
as this was heavily panned by critics.
fortunately, i no longer view films solely from a directorial perspective.
now, i assess them for their spiritual inspirational contribution to my consciousness.

and Vanilla Sky thankfully lifted my mental block.
i cannot think of any other film that captures the meaning of human existence and of the whole human journey.

i got so many reminders from it:
open your eyes.
wake up with a new consciousness about reality.
life is short, appreciate and make the most out of the Now/ the moment.
love, despite being fleeting, means everything.
face your fears.

inspired by the film, i venture into my favorite bookstore.
with no expectations.
armed with an open mind, open to any omen that life presents me with.

i found 2 books that inspired me.
one for the business venture i was struggling with.
and one inspirational for the theme of another future business.

omens are wonderful.
proving that magic is not exclusive to Harry Potter.
real life miraculously and serendipitously presents us with sign posts that either solve our problems or point us to the right direction.

just like a line from Vanilla Sky:
open your eyes.

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