Friday, March 30, 2007

good definition of creativity

this was emailed to me on my Yahoo account.
one of those Thoughts for the Day.

this may sound cheesy,
but in the past, these email quotes either saved my ass from self-indulgent feelings of despair or pointed me to the right attitude in life, eventually leading to the right step to take next.

so here is a good definition of creativity:

Most people go along and never experience their creativity. They run on old programs or follow the "normal" way of doing things. Creativity is not just painting a picture, writing a poem or doing a modern dance. It is a way of life. Every activity can become a creative experience.

~Thomas D. Willhite~
The Book of Consciousness

by the way, on an interview, Alanis Morrisette pretty much echoed the same sentiment.

this is exactly the logic behind why i encourage people to become Creative.
i cannot explain it.
but somehow doing something Creative makes ordinary life a little magical.
because as we transcend the dull to create something beautiful, in turn, we transcend our dullness and vicariously become reminded of our beauty.

i often hear the excuse, I am not creative.
maybe not in the interior design sense.
nor from a fashion stylist's opinion.

but i am sure there is a hobby out there that you like doing.
that unlocks little actions of creativity while tinkering with that hobby.

my mom, for example, puts garnish on a plate of a mundane piece of fried fish.
on top of a white place, the brown ugly crispy fish is complemented by small strategically doses of orange via artfully cut carrots.

the eyes see the orange first.
even if you look at the brown-ness of the fish,
you will never see it alone.
and will always see it in your head as being combined with the orange carrots.
never the singular.
now a beautiful whole.

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